Monday, July 29, 2013

Keep Your Wintertime Skin Beautiful

By Long Mabie

The way we manage our skin should be in accordance with the climate and the different weather changes.

A reliable, high-quality humidifier is a good first step to protecting your skin. The cold winter months are naturally drier than the humid summer months. We make matters even worse when we crank up our heating systems. It doesn't matter what kind - space heaters or central heating - both dry up the air the same way. Heaters are nice, but they fill your home with hot, dry air, which only creates more problems for your skin. When you use a humidifier, it allows you to run your heaters so you stay warm, but also moisturizers the air so your skin doesn't dry out. Another option, also, is to put smaller humidifiers in several rooms of your home. You will then benefit by the warmth of your heating system without sacrificing the moisture of your skin. Your body has moisture needs that you must meet also, not just your skin. The key to this is to drink enough water on a daily basis. The main benefit of drinking adequate water is for the health of your body, not necessarily for the condition of your skin. Another benefit of adequate water consumption is that it will help stave off illnesses during the winter months.

Getting advice from a dermatologist is a good idea. When you visit your dermatologist, they should be able to distinguish the origin of your skin predicament and by knowing the cause, have a solution. When you are experiencing intense skin issues, they will likely set you up with a treatment that will remedy the situation.

Moisturizer is your best friend during those cold and dry winter months. Cold weather can dry out or even sometimes chap your skin. When the climate starts becoming frigid, the one product that will benefit you the most is an effective moisturizer.

In order to choose a proper cleansing cream for wintertime use, find one that is moisturizing and avoid those that dehydrate your skin. When you are deciding on a moisturizer to apply to your skin after you cleanse and tone it, a good selection would be one that is milk-based. These types of moisturizers are wonderful on your skin and leave it soft and pliable. Your toner, which actually should be applied after your cleanser and before your moisturizer, shouldn't contain alcohol, as that is one of the drying ingredients you should avoid in the winter. It's not hard to pick the correct products for the season. Just choose products that counter what the weather offers. For instance, in winter your skin will be dry, so you need to hydrate. In summer, your skin will be oily and moist so you need products to dry it out.

In the summertime, we're used to having to deal with excess oil and overly moist skin. But you have to make a mind shift when winter weather approaches, because your skin won't be subjected to the same conditions as in the summer. You need entirely different skin care products in the winter months than you used during the summer. Whether it's winter or summer, if you have a skin condition that may not be related to the weather, make an appointment with a dermatologist and get the problem resolved.

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