Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brain Tumor Research & Popular Names To Elevate It

By Rob Sutter

Is it possible that brain tumor research can be helped by anyone? I believe this to be true, especially when you consider the kinds of efforts that the public can put forth on the matter. They know that their actions can account for a lot, whether they are competing in events open to the public helping to raise awareness or simply granting donations to reputable organizations. However, what are some of the bigger names that the public in general may - or may not - be familiar with?

In terms of celebrities that have gained attention because of this recently, Olivia Newton-John's sister is definitely worth making note of. Rona passed away back in April because of brain cancer and it's interesting because this wasn't the first time that she had to fight a condition like this. In fact, twenty years or so ago, it was discovered that she had breast cancer as well. I think that both her strength, as well as her ability to surround herself with loved ones, is noteworthy as well.

I think that it's apparent just how many events organizations such as Voices Against Brain Cancer have hosted, Sounding Off For A Cure as perhaps the latest in a line worth talking about. It's in this event that there will be a litany of guests spoken about and honored, which is a great move. As I looked at those to be honored, though, I couldn't help but notice Matt Cappotelli's name come up. It was a surprise to me, both as someone who knows about brain tumor research and as a fan of athletics.

Cappotelli was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment and he was part of the company between 2005 and 2009. He never truly took off as a great star, like many were expecting, and the reason came about after an announcement he made. He said that he was diagnosed with a grade 2/3 astrocytoma tumor, which was cancerous and had to be removed. Even though he wouldn't return to in-ring action, he was fortunate in that the surgery done was successful, the tumor being removed, rendering Cappotelli cancer-free.

When it comes to brain tumor research, I think that there a number of big names worth talking about. Newton-John is clearly going to have a greater audience because it is one that the general public is going to be familiar with. This is especially true compared to others names like Cappotelli, which seems to be recognized by only a specific audience. Regardless, I cannot deny the fact that both names - along with a slew of others - seem to be great when it comes to extending levels of awareness outward.

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