Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brain Tumor Awareness & The Idea Of Imaging

By Rob Sutter

It's clear that glioblastoma is a focal point of brain tumor awareness and there are many reasons for this. When you're talking about a number of research methods, it seems like this type of growth is looked at the most, both because of its prevalence as well as its aggressiveness. These two qualities are why research methods are constantly being done with this in mind. I have to wonder, though, if this method of imaging I'd like to talk about can help out in greater ways.

You have to keep in mind that some progress has been made but not the point where we have solid cures on hand. There are ways that seem to monitor brain activity - MRIs being one example - but to say whether or not they are entirely accurate is difficult to do. You have to keep in mind that such activity is hard to read since the brain itself is such a complex part of the human body. There has to be other methods, though, that can help research in greater ways.

HealthCanal.com posted an article regarding a new way of imaging technology that could potentially play into brain tumor awareness. The way that brain activity would be detected following surgical methods is through magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging. This is important because you have to keep in mind that growths may not be fully removed during surgery and this is able to detect the condition of the brain much better, in theory. It's an interesting concept and one that is worth the attention of organizations the likes of Voices against Brain Cancer.

The article said that there are a number of drugs that are utilized for the sake of experiment, seeing how effective they are against glioblastoma. This is where MRSI comes into play, being able to monitor the brain following such implementation. There might have been many other therapies done in the past but not all of them have been able to bring substantial results to the surface. With this way of imaging put into place, researchers will be able to attain a greater idea of what works best.

I don't think you need me to tell you about the importance behind brain tumor awareness. To say that there is a lot of work done on the matter is nothing short of an understatement and I'd like to think that this imaging process can help in a number of ways. This is especially true for researchers who work tirelessly in order to bring about the best efforts possible. MSRI techniques may just prove to be some of the better tools as far as monitoring is concerned.

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