Friday, August 30, 2013

What Is Cardiac Catheterization?

By E. Cochen

The process of insertion of a thin tube, also known as catheter, is called cardiac catheterization. This is an important procedure that is done in order to check the heart of the person. Those who may also want to know if their heart is functioning well can undergo this important procedure. Those patients who are diagnosed with heart problems or have some heart issues can also use this procedure in order to see what actually cause the problem. Another important procedure in order to check your heart is MRI exam.

The Cardiac Catheterization is also an important procedure in order to evaluate the presence of disease of your aorta, valve disease and coronary artery disease. This will also check if your heart muscles are functioning appropriately. During the early years, people do not have enough machines used to determine the conditions of their body especially the things that are happening within their heart. Fortunately, the modern technologies have now created a great way for many people to deeply understand their conditions of their body. With this essential process, your doctor does not necessarily have to open your chest just to check or evaluate the condition of your heart. The accuracy of this process makes it easier for doctors to determine your heart condition.

Likewise, the Cardiac Catheterization is performed to discover or evaluate if there are some problems in your heart and its tissues. In this process, a narrow and long tube, known as catheter is inserted into the blood vessel or vein of your arm or groin. The catheter is then guided through your blood vessel with the aid of a special x-ray machine to make sure that the catheter is positioned in the proper place. Once it is placed in an appropriate position, it can now be advanced into your coronary arteries.

The Cardiac Catheterization can also be done if you have recently some episode/s of one or more of cardiac symptoms including angina or chest pain, dizziness, fatigue or short of breath. Before your procedure, your doctor will tell you or discuss with you about the procedure and you are also given the opportunity to ask some questions about it. It also is important to tell your doctor if you have some allergies.

The patient is conscious during the whole catheterization process to properly obtain the best and the most essential assessment possible. You will also be injected with a local anesthetic to make you feel relaxed and numb during the whole process. The Cardiac Catheterization is an important process wherein the doctor does not need to open the chest of the patient just to see the condition of the heart. This is also not a surgery, so the healing process will be quite shorter.

If you will undergo cardiac catheterization, you must always be relaxed. You have to remember that this is the safest and the most effective way to know the things that are going on inside your heart. it is also significant to take MRI exam if you want to have another way to know the condition of your heart.

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