Thursday, August 15, 2013

Learn How Chiropractic Helps Work Injuries In Norwalk CT

By Cynthia Thompson

Accidents that occur in the workplace harm workers both physically as well as financially. Even though the employee may receive workers compensation, the amount received is only a portion of that he would receive working full time. In addition, many such injuries have long term effects on one's health. A Norwalk chiropractic office offers therapy that can reduce the time off work and minimize long term effects.

More than 90% of all work related injuries affect the back or neck. This pain can cause loss of days on the job and increased medical expenses. Chiropractors help to reduce the worker's pain so they can return to work quickly.

While many work injuries are due to accidents, others are due to repetitive stress. These injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or lower back problems from herniated discs can cause workers to miss their job. Chiropractors offer therapy that can bring healing of the conditions.

Work injuries are defined as those caused or made worse by one's work environment. They often result in debilitating symptoms, including pain, tingling and numbness. These injuries can reduce the productivity of the worker on the job and may cause a work related disability. For the business, they can increase the cost of workers compensation insurance.

Workers may help to reduce these injuries in the workplace by increasing the ergonomics at their work station. They should also ensure they use proper lifting techniques and ask for help when needed. By keeping the work area organized and neat, injuries are reduced.

When an accident occurs and an employee is injured, help from a Norwalk chiropractic office can be helpful. The staff offer therapy that helps employees return to work. The therapy empowers one's body to use its own healing power to restore one's health. Workplace injury effects can be minimized with the help of a chiropractor.

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