Thursday, August 8, 2013

Price Of Herpes Testing Los Angeles

By Tara T. Johnson

The cost of herpes testing Los Angeles or STD tests varies widely and depends to a huge extent on what, if any, insurance coverage you have and where you have the testing done. If you're fortunate enough to have thorough health insurance, you will probably pay only a small copayment, if anything, for each test. For the uninsured, STD testing through your family doctor can be very expensive, ranging from about $50 to $200 per test. For those who seek absolute anonymity and don't care to discuss such matters with the family doctor, there are private testing companies, but their services do not come cheap, and few, if any, accept health insurance. These private firms usually charge $50 to $150 per test, but some offer testing packages that cover between seven and ten different STDs and are priced at $300 to $400.

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, cover a wide range of conditions, some relatively mild and others much more dangerous. However, all of them must be addressed promptly. The one thing that a lot of STDs share is the lack of symptoms, at least during the early stages of infection. So if you are sexually active and have had unprotected or even protected sex with one or more partners, you must be checked for the full range of STDs to ensure that you are disease-free and will pose no threat to your sexual partners.

Because there are so many STDs, there is no single test that can confirm that you are free of sexually transmitted infections. Testing procedures consist of blood tests, urinalysis as well as physical examination of your genitals and/or anus. Tests include taking samples of tissue, cells, saliva as well as abnormal discharges for microscopic inspection. Almost none of these tests is done with a routine physical, so if you are concerned about the possibility of an STD, you must ask your doctor to authorize the necessary tests.

In case you really need to get tested and do not have insurance or the money to cover for these tests out of pocket, consider local health clinics, most of which offer free or greatly discounted testing. College students can often obtain free or low-cost STD tests through their college infirmary. Both Planned Parenthood as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide referral services that will help you find a low-cost testing center.

Having access to herpes testing Los Angeles is an important safety issue. One of the features of their testing that they most appreciate is that all tests are 100% confidential. When you visit herpes testing Los Angeles you can be sure a physician is always involved. All their tests include doctors' order and their nursing staff recommend where you can seek more advice and counselling in the eventuality of a positive result. Their "peace of mind" packages are excellent combinations for general exposure screening. Additionally, they offer individual tests for particular concerns. The procedure is easy. You can either order the test on the internet or give their nurse's a call. They could walk you through the transaction and answer any questions. Once you make your order you can go to one of the convenient labs in Los Angeles. In fact, you can go on the same day as you make your order.

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