Thursday, August 15, 2013

Raleigh Chiropractor Provides Decompression Therapy Solutions For Back Pain

By Hellen Moare

When someone suffers from chronic back pain it may be difficult to determine the optimal way to alleviate it. Spinal decompression is one possibility. At a first appointment, a Raleigh chiropractor will explain how this technique functions to alleviate pressure and the pain caused by that pressure.

The spine is comprised of a series of bones called vertebrae that are cushioned by the discs that lie between them. When those discs are herniated or bulging out between the vertebrae, it results in moderate to excruciating back pain. That is due to the impact of pressure on the spinal column.

During the first appointment with your chiropractor, you will be asked a series of questions to help in the evaluation. There will be a physical examination of the spinal column. These steps are necessary when assessing your back. Your range of motion abilities indicates the severity of your pain. In some cases an x-ray is needed.

When the decision is made that spinal decompression is the optimal path to follow, a schedule for your appointments will be arranged. The process involves applying calculated motorized traction force to gradually and gently alleviate the pressure being caused by compression.

You will start by being placed on a table in the position deemed suitable. This position depends on what part of your back the pain is in. Gently and gradually, over consecutive weeks, decompression will take place.

Your investment in time is intended to allow the herniated discs to retract. This allows fluid and nutrients to enter them freely. The discs can resume their function of cushioning the vertebrae and your pain is reduced.

Your Raleigh chiropractor can attest to the fact that most individuals enjoy a significant reduction in pain. Returning to work becomes possible even before the series of appointments is concluded. Once again you may find it fun to participate in recreational activities. There is no need to continue suffering the intense level of pain caused by a spinal anomaly.

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