Friday, August 30, 2013

Ways On How To Stay Healthy As Proposed By Health Experts

By John Samson

Being in good physical shape is an important aspect to human beings. This is vital for long life and avoidance of minor illnesses. It implies that the body will have sufficient reagents to fight off such diseases without one having to take medication. In this regard, health specialists have pointed out some key ways on how to stay healthy.

The most vital one is based on diet. This is typically centered on meals people take as breakfast, lunch and supper. In every meal mentioned above, one has to ensure that it is a balanced diet meaning; there has to be one third each of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. These three are the essential nutrients and have different functionality within the body.

With a balanced diet, one has to ensure that he or she takes adequate amount of water to keep the bodily cells well hydrated. Health experts recommend two liters or more each day. Well hydrated cells are able to function properly and eliminate waste products with ease. It is the key component of body clean up. Food and water form the basic importance of a good diet.

Caution has been emphasized on certain types of meals which people who wish to maintain this level of fitness to avoid at all costs. These are high level fat foods especially junk ones and alcohol. It is better for them to maintain high intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains breads and cereals, fish, poultry and low fat dairy products.

Besides from eating habits, physical activities are necessary for this aspect of wellness. People are nowadays advised to carry out exercises for at least half an hour in a day. This duration can be increased as time goes by. This is merely for starters. A number of activities to try out are jogging, fast walk, dancing or even swimming. They have an ability to prevent a number of diseases from occurring.

On commencing any exercising program, it is important for the individual to get in contact with an expert so as to get the best suited program. This is just a precautionary measure for one not to overdo something that he or she is not capable in starting with. Besides, other tips include choosing an activity one likes doing and that which fits into his or her daily life. As time goes by, other new activities can be incorporated.

Safe sex is another way for person to stay fit. With sexual transmitted diseases being eminent, people are advised to use protection during sexual activities. With unsafe sex, they risk contracting illnesses such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and many others.

The final method on how to stay healthy under this article is that of enough sleep during the night. The recommended duration varies from adults to school going children. Adults need up to nine hours whereas children should sleep up to eleven hours. Advice for best sleep is to have the lights out. All these make up a healthy living.

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