Saturday, August 17, 2013

Important Things To Know About Weight Reduction Surgery

By Helga Stokes

Perhaps you have been battling obesity most of your life. This is the biggest and most important struggle that millions of people face today. If you want to extend your life and greatly increase its quality, losing some of those extra pounds can be the best thing you can do. Yet, it can be almost impossible and that is why many people are turning to weight reduction surgery. Here are some of the good and bad things you can expect.

Pros of Weight Loss Surgery - If you elect to have a lap band or gastric bypass procedure you will most likely lose many pounds. You also have an excellent chance for keeping those pounds off for many years. These types of surgeries make it difficult for people to stuff themselves and overeat. In fact, that is the main benefit.

Lower Diabetes Risk - Lose about ten percent of your overall weight and you will lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by a lot. As more people become obese more are becoming diabetics and being overweight has a lot to do with it. As you weigh less your body becomes less insulin resistant (in many cases) and insulin resistance is the main cause for diabetes later in life.

Lower Blood Pressure - Many overweight individuals have higher blood pressure than normal. This is caused by the extra load that is placed on the heart and circulatory system. Take off 50 pounds or more and you lighten this load and it much easier for your heart to work. This can lower blood pressure so much that hypertension medication is no longer needed.

Self Image - Once you become slimmer and smaller you will start to feel good about yourself again. This can lead to a greatly improved self image. Shopping for new and smaller clothes is a lot of fun and you might have the self confidence to make new friends and contacts in business.

The Bad - Surgeries are not without risk and especially bariatric procedures. Your risk is determined by your state of health and how much you weigh. Also, any time you are placed under anesthesia you are at risk for problems. Complications may develop after your procedure and sometimes there is no way to be certain of the outcome.

Not a Cure All - If you are thinking of weight reduction surgery as a "quick fix" or cure for obesity, you will be disappointed. One can still circumvent the procedure and gain back a lot of body fat. You will need to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy success.

If dieting and all of your attempts to do something about obesity have failed, you may need to seek desperate measures. Weight reduction surgery is not something to take lightly as your digestive system is permanently altered with some surgeries. Talk to a qualified doctor or surgeon and understand all of the risks and benefits before you decide. This gives you the best odds for long term success.

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