Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fibromyalgia Relief Through Chiropractic Care In Memphis Clinic

By Jason Kordobu

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects thousands of people across the USA. While there is much more to discover about this condition, sufferers know that it causes chronic pain. Many sufferers have found a Memphis chiropractor to offer care that brings relief without using pain medication.

As fibromyalgia leads to chronic pain, the traditional approach has been to supply the patient with ever increasing dosages of pain medications. Many of these pills include acetaminophen along with controlled substances. These medications can cause various side effects, including damage to the liver, especially if the patient exceeds the recommended dosage.

Chiropractors provide care by restoring balance and alignment to their patients' spines. The action supports the human body's inherent healing system. Once the spine is aligned, nerves and muscles benefit from increased blood flow. Nerves that are not pinched do not produce pain. The patient's whole body feels much better.

Patients often find fibromyalgia pain is reduced using upper cervical adjustments. These same adjustments may improve other painful conditions, such as TMJ or migraines. In making these adjustments, the doctor focuses on the upper two vertebrae.

Upper cervical adjustments can cause significant improvements in fibromyalgia patients. The fog that seems to be a part of the condition tends to lift. Patients may experience more energy than they have felt in months or years. In addition, the quality of sleep improves, an important part of the brain producing chemicals to reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia can cause debilitating pain without proper care. The chronic condition often makes it difficult for sufferers to get up in the morning. Although drugs bring relief temporarily, the pain returns quickly, often before the next scheduled dose. Pain medication can add to the patient's feelings of fogginess. The help provided by a Memphis chiropractor allows people to feel less pain from the conditions. Chiropractic may allow them to enjoy their life again.

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