Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rowlett Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening Solutions And Tips

By Selena Chery

The ability to show off a bright set of pearly whites has been rated as a desirable facial feature. With the range of methods available, it is possible to achieve a bright white smile and ensure optimum oral health is maintained. The tips and techniques offered by the Rowlett dentist allows individuals to exercise healthy dental habits and prevent against stains.

If you wish to prevent significant staining, consider reducing the consumption of red wines and smoking habits. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables including strawberries and apples with natural teeth cleaning action. The key is to prevent plaque formation that will further contribute to bacterial build-up and decay.

Regular dental cleaning techniques should be applied with proper brushing and flossing. The toothbrush should be held at an angle for 2 minutes and moved in a circular direction. It is best to floss on a daily basis as this will dislodge any particles that have become stuck between teeth.

A variety of bleaching products are available aiming to decrease the stains that have developed on surface areas. These ranges consist of whitening strips and the application of a bleaching product in a mold to be placed over the teeth. Such alternatives are affordable, but may not prove as effective for dark stains and could contribute to heightened sensitivity.

Professional bleaching is a common alternative and involves kits or in office therapy by a cosmetic dentist. The kit will include a mold designed according to individual dental profiles and requires daily applications for lightening. In office procedures include the application of an ultra violet light over bleach solutions for maximum and longer lasting results.

The Rowlett dentist recommends that oral examinations be performed to advise on the best whitening solutions. For severe discoloration, a professional lightening method may prove most effective. One should take the time to practice the correct oral hygiene methods for the prevention of periodontal disease and to achieve a healthy smile.

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