Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Helped By Chiropractor In Manhattan Beach CA

By Fernando Ketter

People with carpal tunnel syndrome may find it difficult to grasp objects. The condition may cause a loss of strength in a sufferer's fingers, wrist or hand. It also leads to pain. Many have found help through a Manhattan Beach chiropractor for both carpal tunnel syndrome and other related conditions without surgery.

Not all wrist or hand pain is caused by this condition. The name is derived from the tunnel through which the median nerve must travel in order to reach the hand and fingers. It is formed from the wrist bones, known as the carpals and connective tissue. Pressure on the nerve blocks communication between one's hand and brain. For some sufferers, the condition is worse at night.

Related conditions are not actually the syndrome, but create similar results. Sometimes very similar symptoms are caused by problems other than in the wrist. It is common for patients to experience these similar symptoms due to a misalignment of the neck or other spinal conditions.

Some nerves that exit the spine in the neck are responsible for the hands and arms. If they become compressed as they exit the spine, communication to the hand is blocked. Before starting therapy, chiropractors make a thorough examination to determine the reason one is experiencing pain and weakness in the hand.

If the doctor determines the problem is in the wrist, he or she may adjust the carpals to reduce the pressure on the nerve. If the symptoms are due to a problem in one's neck; however, the adjustment will take place in a patient's upper spine. As pressure is reduced from the nerve, healing can occur.

A Manhattan Beach chiropractor offers non-invasive techniques to help alleviate symptoms of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These techniques often allow healing without the use of surgery. Patients often feel some immediate relief, but full healing may take longer.

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