Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cerebral Palsy Support Groups For Parents And Why They Matter

By Anita Ortega

It is quite a traumatizing experience to have a child that is suffering from a disease that is considered deadly. Cerebral palsy interferes with the child in terms of movement, balance and posture. It can also damage the brain completely interfering with cognition. The child affected needs support and an assurance that the society still needs them. They should not at any time feel unwanted and a burden to others. Coming up with cerebral palsy support groups for parents is therefore very important.

In order to meet others with the same need and communally explore ways of getting help, people should not overlook the need for this kind of a social circus. Sometimes you feel you are alone until you meet other people, some who are even worse than you. There are health specialists and researchers who would like to work with mothers and give them basic skills that can help. An example is massaging which has been proven by research to reduce anxiety.

With determination, starting is not hard. If you are a parent with a child suffering from this condition, you are bound to meet others when you go to the hospital. What about sharing with them the need to come up with an organization? You never know, you might be surprised to realize this is what most of them actually needed.

In case you also fear to start, at least there remains the option of joining others around you who have already started. Being near each other helps since you can meet frequently and discuss your progress. Do not hide yourself. There is nothing to worry about because it is not your fault. The child also does not deserve to be kept in the house without attention. If what you lack is money to pay for the treatment, a group will be helpful to you.

Once a group has been set, you can start by knowing each other and sharing challenges. With an idea of what the pertinent issues are, an action plan can be made to tackle them. One common setback as already stated is meeting the financial demands of treatment. As a support group, it will be more than possible to solicit funds from the community.

A number of methods should be explored when bidding for donations. Look for sources like churches and mosques that have assistance programs to affected members of the society. Approach the government representatives too as there are funds normally set aside for aid. Finally, organize for your own web page that will show the world who you are and what you do.

A good organization attracts membership from all divides. A community of this kind is therefore not an exception. Apart from the affected parents, lawyers, doctors and religious leaders also need to be invited to join. An ideal community is a self sufficient one.

Once you have such a diverse membership, start organizing for events aimed at educating the society, making the society aware that people with cerebral palsy are equal humans and that they also have a bright future. Seek sponsorships for these wonderful kids so that they also get a share of the piece of cake that is the future.

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