Monday, April 21, 2014

The Assistance You Can Get From A Kidney Specialist Beverly Hills

By Essie Osborn

Kidney specialists or nephrologists are doctors who specialty is in treating disorders that affect the kidneys and related body parts. They specifically treat the disorders that can cause real failure. Most disorders that affect the kidneys also affect other body organs. If they consult with a kidney specialist Beverly Hills dwellers get treated for disorders such as renal failure, high blood pressure, interstitial and electrolyte disorders among others.

In order to get a license to practice, nephrologists must be board certified in internal medicine and complete two or more additional years of training in managing and diagnosing renal disorders. These professionals are also required to have good manual dexterity in order to evaluate patients and manipulate small medical instruments. They are also required to have good interpersonal skills because they must work with other doctors, nurses, patients and administrative staff.

Nephrologists usually seek to preserve renal function in their patients. They usually recommend treatments with medication, taking a low protein diet, hemodialysis and kidney transplants. Nephrologists also make important decisions together with a patient and his or her relatives regarding withholding or withdrawing dialysis.

A nephrologist can also recommend that you have an artificial kidney implanted in your body if you are suffering from chronic or acute renal failure. This professional does not operate on the kidneys but he or she may perform a renal biopsy to monitor or diagnose specific conditions like kidney inflammation. Nephrologists can offer their services in a hospital, nursing facility or a private clinic.

Nephrologists who operate their own clinics enjoy more flexibility. They can easily choose the kind of renal disorders to treat. These doctors may opt to specialize in pediatric nephrology or geriatric nephrology. Pediatric nephrologists focus on treating children while geriatric nephrologists focus on treating the elderly. These physicians may also evaluate patients who are under the care of a surgeon.

The other condition that nephrologists treat is acute kidney injury. This is a rapid or abrupt decline in renal function and it potentially deadly. In some cases, this condition is caused by surgical or medical complications that affect the flow of blood to the kidneys for extended periods of time. This disorder commonly occurs in patients who are hospitalized.

Nephrologists also explain to patients why it is necessary for them to undergo dialysis or have a kidney transplant. If a patient opts for a transplant, a nephrologist may care for him or her after undergoing the procedure in order to deal with issues like drug interactions and blood pressure among others. These physicians also care for patients who have conditions such as acute high blood pressure, renal calculi and those who have noticed the presence of blood in their urine.

A family physician can also refer patients who are suffering from diabetes to a nephrologist. This professional performs various tests including urine examinations to find out if the kidneys have suffered damage. Early referral to a nephrologist helps improve survival rates. If the kidneys are no longer functional, the life of a patient can be saved if he or she gets a transplant or undergoes dialysis.

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