Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Value With Amigo Rugs

By Essie Osborn

Horse owners all over the world are happy to buy and use good quality horse clothing for their animals. Many people need at least one turn out rug and several light stable sheets to keep their horse clean and comfortable throughout the year. Using a rug saves an enormous amount of time. The animal will be clean and ready to ride at a moments notice. This is a great advantage for horse owners who are often very busy and need to make every minuet count.

The Horseware Ireland company has a long and successful place in the horse clothing industry. They were one of the first companies to realize that modern technology could be used to improve the design and production of every aspect of rug manufacture. The Amigo rugs are extremely well made with light weight but strong fabrics. They are also carefully designed to fit properly and eliminate rubbing.

These products have a number of advantage over their competitors. One of the most important things is that they are designed by real horse people. These are folks who have owned horses and ridden all their lives and really know what is needed to make life easier and keep their animals clean and comfortable. It is this insider knowledge and commitment to excellence that really makes the difference.

Horseware realized that they had to go back to the beginning and totally redesign the rug from the ground up. This mean adding much more fabric to make a really generous cut that prevents rubbing. Extra deep sides also offers a lot more protection from the weather. A one piece rug that eliminates seams is much better that one with a lot of seams that often become weak areas that are prone to rip and leak.

Even in the summer time horses need a range of light weight sheets and blankets. These are typically used to keep a horse clean in the stable and to prevent them from being bothered by flies. Show horses also need to be protected from too much sun light. The newer sheets have built in UV protection that helps to prevent the coat from fading.

Even during the warmer summer months horses need several different types of blankets and sheets. Show horses typically wear a thin summer sheet to help keep the dust and flies off them. This is an essential part of their wardrobe and most animals will need a wash and a wear sheet. When they are stabled it helps to keep the bedding out of their coats and saves on grooming time.

The Bug Rug is a great turn out and combo fly sheet that has proved very popular with owners. It is perfect for light skinned and sensitive animals who are really bothered by the flies in the warmer months. It also provides a lot of UV protection.

The fleece blanket is a great addition to any tack trunk. It can be used alone for warmth on those chilly spring or fall nights. It also makes a great liner to add under the stable rug for clipped horses in the bitter cold of winter.

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