Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Participating In Sickle Cell Charities For Children

By Essie Osborn

There are many ways individuals can support charity with the aim of uplifting the lives of those who are affected. Sickle cell charities for children have been running for years and are open to individuals, groups and corporate volunteers. Participation takes different forms including financial support, participation in activities that affect the lives of families or victims directly as well as involvement in endeavors that uplift the welfare of the general community.

A lot of resources and money are required to bring-up an affected child. This makes the support of well-wishers paramount in meeting the goals of individuals and organization. Most families are likely to divert their attention and resources to medication at the expense of proper education and other necessities. External support ensures that these children do not miss opportunities because of their condition.

Volunteer groups, individuals and organizations are welcome to assist in clearing college and university fees. It takes the burden off the family to allow them to offer the best medical care possible. Proper medical attention also contributes to better academic performance.

Research and focus studies are important in meeting the goals of these charity organizations. They target victims, society and families living with victims or taking care of them. The findings from these surveys inform legislative agenda and support advocacy work. These engagements are important in making the lives of victims bearable. The social and psychological impact on victims is also important.

High profile individuals and celebrities are welcome to increase attention on the events and campaigns. They attract media attention which ensures that pertinent issues grab the attention of the public. It increases debate and awareness about the course. They help in eliminating stigma and changing the negative attitude the public has concerning such conditions.

Victims and their families participate in activities aimed at raising the profile of this condition. The activities include annual camps and conventions under a number of themes over the years. Such functions are resource intensive and require incredible volunteer numbers to make them successful. Contribution is therefore welcome in terms of cash or kind.

Charity organizations are engaged in advocacy and media campaigns on ongoing basis. Such campaigns provide information to interested parties, families and patients on management and how to maintain optimum health. Support from volunteers and well wishers assists in production of fliers, posters, boards and audio-visual materials for this purpose.

Physicians, doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners require updated information. This comes from research and reports gathered in the field. The entire process is labor intensive and takes up a significant portion of the resources available. Contributions from individuals and organizations thus ensure that patients get the latest medical attention to safeguard their health.

Data on the condition and support services available is crucial in tracking progress in health care provision. The data guarantees that intervention measure adapted by government departments are based on evidence. It strengthens intervention measures and generation of guidelines on how to deal with the condition.

The opportunities for individuals to participate in charities targeting sickle cell conditions for children are numerous. Contributions are made through convenient methods including online transfers, credit cards and checks. This offers a chance to people from any location to participate in whichever way they find convenient and possible. The organizations accept contributions of any form.

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