Saturday, April 5, 2014

Researching Rambo Rugs Takes Time

By Jaclyn Hurley

If you really want to research Rambo rugs, expect to spend quite a lot of time in front of your computer. These industry-changing turnouts and other types of horse blankets have so many features and options that it's like going back to school. However, you can also rely on the expertise of Horseware of Ireland and the testimonies of thousands of satisfied customers, limiting your efforts to choosing the right size and color.

It'll take time to become familiar with the full line of stable and field wear offered by Horseware of Ireland. There's a lot to read and understand about the innovative cut and fit, the kind of fasteners used, the materials that make the blankets warm but not bulky, and the various accessories that come with them.

Product description for just one rug will be something like this: snug fit, superior warmth with less weight, layers of nylon outer, thermobonded fiberfill, and polyester antibacterial and anti-static inner lining, a patented V-front closure, high-cut neck for less wither pressure, tail cord and flap, reflective safety strips, and leg arches as standard features. Not compatible with liner systems.

These are standard features on just one rug. You can continue on to other descriptions for light, medium, or heavy field blankets. Perhaps you're looking for a stable rug, a fly sheet, a Wug, a cooler, a travel blanket, an exercise rug, or a removable hood.

Maybe you want a snug fit for a foal, in which case you'll be glad to know that the ones from Horsecare 'grow' with the baby; there's an ingenious way to adjust the many Velcro fasteners to get just the right size to keep an energetic young animal warm and untangled. Of course, there's a wide color choice, so you and your precious foal can look handsome.

Customer reviews can help a lot, if you just want to take Horseware's word for the fact that their products are the best on the market in design, materials, fit, durability, and appearance. After all, Tom and Carol McGuiness succeeded in making the first truly waterproof, breathable, well-fitting, and very warm turnout. Ever. It used to be hard to keep a horse warm and dry out in the field, without finding it drenched in sweat under the blanket, soaked by rain, or tangled in the straps and clips used in an attempt to keep everything in place.

If you want validation for the expertise of Horseware of Ireland, look for customer reviews. Horse owners love to tell others about their experiences, and there are thousands of owners out there very happy with their Rambos. Reviews say that turnouts have lasted eight years or more, with regular cleaning and re-proofing and occasional repairs with patches, needle, and thread.

You can take the time to really understand the options beforehand, using videos on fitting a blanket and customer reviews to help. You'll find that the folks at Horseware really know their stuff and truly want to give you and your horse what many consider to be the best gear in the industry.

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