Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Steps Undertaken In Sickle Cell Disease Prevention

By Anita Ortega

When dealing with most human illnesses and defects, various factors come into play to try to solve the epidemics or remedy the situation. However, some also determine how difficult the task may be. As per the current time, the most difficult to handle are the viruses and most genetic disorders. Lying in the latter, measures then have to come in place for sickle cell disease prevention. No matter how small, the objective is quite simple.

Whenever there is an issue of particular importance to the general population, the best way of passing on a message is by conducting public awareness rallies. This helps make persons understand the nature of a situation and the need to address it quickly when it arises, along with good methods of doing so. Otherwise, panic and distress lead them to make rash and unnecessary decisions with dire consequences.

Parents, no matter the age or medical history, have the chance to avoid transmitting such a gene to their children. Through extensive and regular counselling to parents and those intending to involve themselves in such, this reduces the risks to a great extent. This is mainly because the sickness is hereditary hence this looks as the most viable starting point.

After accomplishing the above components successfully, it now depends on the people to conduct themselves in a required manner. By turning up for free screening or similar campaigns, it gives doctors a chance to give them correctly a report on the possibilities or not. Not all have it, but detecting it earlier on provides a greater rehabilitation opportunity.

For the children and those already experiencing life with such a burden on their shoulders, there are two methods of seeing them though. In the case of children, immunization serves the purpose well, with approved medication. To avoid greater side effects after trying out a certain drug, chromo prophylaxis seems like a good option for the entire period of treatment. Patients can thus get comfortable enough by accepting their situation.

In extreme cases, some measures have to come into play. By picking out the vulnerable in society and the less fortunate, provision of health services for them makes things much simpler and radiant. These groups can then undergo intensive treatment programs under different levels to give more opportunities to those who feel they can fight.

Such regulated care also makes it easier to track rare cases of healing and analyse their lifestyles. The issue of lifestyle is thus necessary and inevitable once such a discovery of having this disease becomes manifest. It helps the patient accept his or her situation and learn to pick positives.

As much as most of these issues go into this process, not all successfully provide a good alternative. Nonetheless, they help relieve pain to patients as well as try to avoid cases of transferring the defective genes to another generation. More emphasis goes to research hence each discovery of a new case and medication helps improve chances of getting a long-term cure.

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