Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Pros Of Hiring Online Transcription Services

By Anita Ortega

Small and big companies alike keep a plethora of audio and video files that require conversion to printed documents afterwards. Most of the time, those who provide online transcription services hire third party agencies that will work on the transcription requirements in behalf of the company. Here are the benefits of getting online transcription that companies may take into considerations.

For example, there are different dictation choices available offered by service providers that companies can choose from . Since this is the very start of the transcription process, dictation sets the pace and makes the process easy and quick. Likewise, the latest technologies are usually utilized by service providers for them to provide reasonably priced services to their clients.

Companies are also assured on the safety and security of the information sent for transcription. Service providers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting the project and are given only partial access to the data. After the files have been transcribed, these are encrypted and are sent back using secure methods to keep the confidentiality of the information.

Transcribed materials are available online so sharing of information among the various members of the organization is simplified and fast. An organization member who needs to access the transcribed information just needs to go to the designated system then enter their user name and password. This way, files are readily available to every person who needs the information just at the right time.

As a matter of caution, there is an automatic backup file for the transcribed data which can be retrieved as the need arises. For instance, if something untoward happen to the printed documents, the transcribed files can be easily retrieve to review important information. Even the company's IT department can actually enjoy lesser pressure on their shoulders as service providers of transcription materials already take care of this matter.

In addition, service providers are expert in transcribing different forms of documents like general meetings, seminars, legal proceedings, conferences, and much more. They can also handle various types of video or audio materials be it cassette, DVD, wav, mp3, CD, tape, or many more. These providers are also very well aware of the tight deadlines that they have to meet as agreed by both the company and the provider right at the very start.

A systematic workforce comprised of transcriptionists, proofreaders, editors, and analysts also work hand in hand just to make sure that the transcribed information are error-free and of high quality. Specifications set by the requesting companies are processed using the modern technology with dictation via computer, dial-in dictation, and digital recorder options. Actual products then undergo three-way quality tests before final submission to ensure high quality.

Companies are strongly advised to contact only the established service providers in getting transcription services online. Make sure that the provider has a track record of delivering low cost, fast turnaround time, and best output. Ensure also that the company's needs are addressed in the transcribed materials. Enjoy the transcription experience.

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