Monday, April 14, 2014

The Importance Of An Epipen Carrier

By Anita Ortega

For those with severe allergies that could cause anaphylaxis, epinephrine could save their life in the event of a reaction. Having immediate access to this drug can be critical. Choosing the right epipen carrier can help allergy sufferers and their caregivers make sure they are prepared.

When someone is experiencing a severe allergic reaction that might have been caused by an insect bite or exposure to a particular food or other allergen, an epipen may be used to administer the drug epinephrine. This type of auto-injector is considered the quickest method of administering this life-saving drug. Symptoms of a severe reaction such as anaphylaxis may include tightening of the throat, difficulty breathing, hives and other rashes.

Keeping epinephrine on hand is critical for anyone with this type of severe allergy. This is the case for children, teenagers and even adults. However, for children that aren't yet old enough to comprehend the seriousness of their allergy, a parent or caregiver should manage their medications.

Traditional methods for carrying an epipen include backpacks, purses or even jacket pockets. However, even though epipens are not very large, they may not always fit well in clothing pockets. Fortunately, newer products designed solely for this purpose have become commercially available.

The newer carriers make it easier for severe allergy sufferers to enjoy a more normal way of life. Many of these were designed with today's active lifestyle in mind. Parents of children with serious allergies can feel better knowing their child is prepared in case of an emergency.

Some designs, such as the ankle strap and waist band pouches, are easily secured to the body and concealed under clothing. These are great choices for active teenagers who might not be able to carry a bag at all times or might not want others to notice. There are also zippered pouches with special loops that can be attached to your own belt or backpack. These are a good option for adults that need to carry the medication for a child, as the pouch can be easily switched to another belt or bag when needed. For young children that are ready to take charge of their own medication, there are fun designs similar to stuffed toy animals that they'll want to keep with them at all times.

While these newer carriers provide a convenient way to transport an epipen, some also include medical identification cards or a special tag that can be attached. Important information, such as type of allergy, emergency contact, your name, phone number and address, can be quickly accessed from the card or tag in an emergency. In addition to being critical in an emergency situation, having this information on your carrier could help if the pouch was accidentally misplaced.

Anyone that suffers from a life-threatening allergy must keep an epipen on hand at all times. Quick access can be critical if anaphylaxis occurs, and could be life-saving. Allergy sufferers and their caregivers now have new options when choosing a carrier that will make it simple to stay active while still carrying an epipen.

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