Friday, April 18, 2014

Listing Vitamin Deficiencies & The Advice Of Michael Gabriel

By Katie Arden

Even though most people are able to get what they need from the food that they eat, what about those who do not? It's clear that tastes are going to change, depending on whom you talk to, which means that they may not be able to eat all of the important foods that work to sustain health. This could lead to vitamin deficiencies but they should not be ones that are dealt with forever. In fact, there are a couple of healthful tips that Michael Gabriel can bring to your attention.

While it may seem hard to believe that anyone would have vitamin C deficiency, those who do not take in fruit or supplements might see themselves becoming affected by it. What are some of the more common traits of this, you may wonder? It seems like bleeding gums and easier bruising is two of the more common aspects that Michael Gabriel can bring to your attention. Fortunately, medical authorities like Gabriel Pediatrics can tell you of the best supplements that can be taken in without throwing off the diet entirely.

If you have trouble seeing when it's bright in any given location, it might be a symptom of vitamin A deficiency. Keep in mind that while this is a less common type of deficiency in comparison to others, there are those who might not be able to get the necessary amount. For the best food sources, vitamin A can be found in leafy, green vegetables. It also deserves to be noted that those who purchase breakfast cereals may very well have another strong source of vitamin A to speak of.

When talking about the more common deficiencies, though, you are going to want to get into discussion about vitamin D deficiency as well. There are many symptoms associated with said deficiency, amongst them being fatigue; some of the more serious cases involve bladder issues. There are a number of foods which contain vitamin D, those with fish oil being some of the more preferred. However, the Sun is a natural source of the vitamin in question as well, so Michael Gabriel will tell you to go outside more often.

Hopefully you will be able to better understand what it takes in order to help account for lost vitamins. It's apparent that while there are some deficiencies which are more common than others, this does not take away from their degrees of importance in the slightest. They may come across as challenging to overcome but there are ways to supplement the lost vitamins. You can pick up actual vitamins which contain what you need or simply make up for them with food which have said vitamins in rich amounts.

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