Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why You Can Rely On The Amigo Rugs For Your Horse

By Jaclyn Hurley

When you want to have a good ride with your horse around the compound or outside, you must consider using the best rugs in the market. This is because they will help both you and your horse to feel comfortable and not strain too much on the back and the sides of the horse. This is why you need high quality Amigo rugs that are both water resistant and breathable, not to mention that they have been sensibly designed.

To get a good horse rug, you will have to check whether it is well designed to fit the horse perfectly. It will need to be well cut at the front legs so that the tied rug does not cause any obstruction to the horse as it races. The rug will have to fit into the horses body like a second skin and this is what you will get with amigo products.

Contrary to common belief that horse coverings should be heavy and frilly, these rugs are very sensibly designed. They are heavy enough for comfort but not too much so that they add an extra weight to the horse. They also do not have the frills that have proven to be dangerous since your leg could get caught up in them and this could make you fall from atop a horse.

The amigo blankets are so comfortable to sit on. This is because they fit the horse and are suitable for all its movements. The rug's front leg arch is well designed to enable the horse move without being distracted. This is particularly helpful during the racing competitions. You can be assured that your horse will perform well.

The rugs come in many shapes and designs and you will have plenty to choose from. The fly rider will cover the horse on the head and back and this will be perfect for a windy day and to keep flies away. The jersey coolers are good for the hot season since they are very light and close-fitting. The competition sheet only covers the back of the horse and halfway its side.

There is also the plus fleece blanket that perfectly covers your horse and keeps extreme cold away in the cold winter season. This makes the horse remain warm and healthy and also preserves its fur that could get rough and dry because of the negative effects of extreme weather.

The firm also offers some other remarkable accessories which ensure that your horse is more relaxed. It is advisable to get a fly mask for your horse so that insects do not settle on their eyes. This is very beneficial during open space and forest competitions. Since the saddle pad is portable, carry it with you when intending to mount your horse, just in case you do not want to dress it with a rug.

You should trust these coverings as they are a perfect choice for your horse. Many times equestrian products are hard to come by and the ones that are sold are very poor quality and they are expensive. This is why you need to trust the Amigo label as it is renowned all over the world and it's trusted by millions.

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