Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Ideology Of A Theta DNA Healing Practitioner

By Essie Osborn

Akin to faith, the life and work of individuals involved in theta is different in some aspects. Being a belief based practice, it also contains elements of other energy work. A theta dna healing practitioner combines these different elements with a strong belief in thought and prayer.

The ideology of this practice is based on the founder who believes she cured herself of cancer through faith, thought and prayer. Providers and recipients must hold these beliefs and a belief in the Creator of all in order to achieve success. Unless each shares this belief, it is a strongly held opinion that locating the power to create well being through a change to the intrinsic DNA found in each individual is impossible.

Theta is a belief based system, as is Faith Healing. Both systems hold the belief that a higher power is actually the source which provides the work. Unlike faith, those involved in this type process believe that recipients can improve health by changing brain wave cycles. This is done by changing brain waves into a state known as theta through energy work which recipients can both watch and feel.

Those receiving treatment often say this method leads to instant mental, physical and emotional health. There is a more specific and direct aspect of a DNA based technique called HolisticDNA healing. This method is closer to faith based sessions in that it points toward a higher power as being the source for finding creativity and well being.

Different from faith related sessions, practitioners of theta believe that prayer and thought have the ability to transform the body, mind and spirit. It is the source of the higher power which grants this power to heal to providers and recipients. Both must have devout beliefs in this source before either can find success.

The type of venue at which such services are offered can make a huge difference in success rates. Most often, these healers prefer to work in spas or treatment centers versus doctor's offices or private homes. Faith healers on the other hand often provide services in various churches, tent revivals, synagogues and temples.

The idea that each individual has dormant intuition or psychic powers which can be developed is often not popular in a number of religions. In many churches, these ideas are considered evil and in many, attempts by a so-called devil to lead believers astray. Those working with these healing arts often believe in a higher power which provides light and love as well as the ability to heal those who believe in and pray for assistance.

The ultimate truth is that such force has and most likely will always remain a great mystery. Still, for those who believe and are experiencing illness, terminal or otherwise, contacting faith based healer may prove beneficial. Unlike doctor's who prescribe pharmaceuticals, often with dire side effects, there are no side effects when it comes to faith, thought and prayer.

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