Friday, January 30, 2015

All About Stem Cell Serum For Wrinkles

By Janine Hughes

The potential of stem cell research promises to change the field of medical research and history of humankind forever. Stem cells are what helps our bodies repair themselves after damage or disease and their ability is based on almost infinite division and growth. We have been able to utilize this immense potential to make cosmetic products such as the stem cell serum for wrinkles. The serum is completely changing the aging process.

The cosmetic industry utilizes biologically active natural products from plants as herbal extracts to make products for the skin. The herbal extracts are responsible for the intrinsic ability of a plant to renew and rejuvenate itself. The fact that the same compounds are able to cause the rejuvenation effect on human skin such that it is able to renew itself is what makes them so popular.

Proliferation and subsequent differentiation of the human skin stem cells was observed in vitro by herbal extracts from plants. This discovery changed the skin care industry for good. The herbal products were submitted to clinical trials and the results were amazing. In 28 days, they had increased the skin's elasticity by 10% and water retention by 30%. At the end of the trial, wrinkles had reduced significantly by 75%.

The products work on the skin is just as nature intended it to be. They work by ensuring that the skin is able to rejuvenate within you through restructuring. Skin restructuring is made possible by increased ability to retain water and improved elasticity. When the skin restructures, wrinkles and aging lines are gradually removed. The natural compounds have such profound effect on human skin.

Human embryos and plants are the two sources of stem cells. Human embryos are never used to make anti-aging products as it is unethical. On the other hand, plants are widely used due to availability, accessibility and are more acceptable. Natural compounds in plants like the Swiss apple and gotu kala which enable them to regenerate on their own are harnessed.

To better grasp the concept of wrinkle reduction, we must begin by understanding how they arise. Part of being young is the young skin, which remains so because of the tireless effort of the epidermal stem cells of the skin. They are constantly dividing to renew themselves and make new skin to replace the old one. However, when we age, the immobilization from the bone marrow by the adult stem cells is impaired and so is the ability to renew.

If we can increase the adult stem cells in circulation we can reverse the effects of the immobile ones from bone marrow and the skin is able to repair itself once more. Such is the work of the serum for wrinkles. In senior citizens, it restores a youthful appearance while in young and middle aged, it maintains a healthy skin so that they are able to age gracefully.

Human beings have always turned to the cosmetic industry for solutions to reverse the effects of aging on the skin. Numerous trial and error products have been launched to this effort with no effectiveness guaranteed. We have used invasive procedures like surgery and Botox, but the long search is over. We finally have found something that works.

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