Monday, January 26, 2015

Top Six Games For Dementia Patients

By Janine Hughes

As a person would age, there will come a time when he has to make sure to put in effort so that his mind can still be sharp. If he does not, he will inevitably have a condition that wears the brain out that is known as dementia. Now those with light dementia should already take note of this and start trying out some games for dementia patients so that their brains will be kept sharp.

Of course a puzzle game is great for anyone of any age who would want to sharpen their brains. Now one of the best puzzles is known as sudoku and is known to really give the mind a run for its money. This game is a very difficult one to play because not only does it involve a lot of calculations but it involves a lot of analysis of numbers and positioning as well.

Now other than that, there would also be the very famous crossword puzzle that would give many people a hard time. If one loves playing with words, then this is one of the things that he should be playing so that he will not develop dementia. This is one of the games that are proven to be able to help with old age brain wear out conditions because it would make one think really hard which is good for the brain.

Now another thing that a lot of people in the old folks home would play would be card games like Bridge and others. Now the home for the aged centers would actually tell the patients to play cards because this would definitely help keep their brains intact and sharp. Of course there are many more games that many of the patients can play as well.

Probably one of the most challenging and competitive of all games would be chess which is also another favorite in the old folks home. Chess is extremely challenging because it involves one battling with another. This way, both the competitors will be challenged to use their minds against each other.

Now if one likes to play with a lot of people, then he should definitely play monopoly. Everyone is probably familiar with the game monopoly wherein the players are all trying to buy all the properties and make the other players bankrupt. This is definitely one game for business minded individuals to keep them sharp and let them enjoy themselves.

Now one of the favorites of a lot of older people is none other than the game known as Bingo. Now Bingo is a game that is challenging but at the same time very easy to understand and play which is why it is one of the best games for senior citizens. It is also a game wherein one can actually socialize.

So if one is a senior citizen or is in risk of having conditions like dementia, then he should try out playing some of these activities that will be able to help him out. In fact, these are the things that most people would play inside an old folks home so that their brains would still stay sharp. These activities are known to stimulate the brain.

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