Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Working On Improving The Education System Using Instructional Rounds

By Janine Hughes

Leaders in institutions have identified a popular method to improve learning in their schools. Instructional Rounds is basically a method that involves networking with other individuals for the purpose of bettering teaching skills. An atmosphere that is good for the well-being of a student is developed. The teaching staff is able to notice good skills and pick from them.

It is advisable for teachers to involve themselves in this activity at least once in an academic year. A lead teacher who foresees what goes on is involved. This is someone who has gained the respect of his colleagues to their exceptional skill. A school administrator may also want to be hands on in this activity. This activity is strictly for observation and not evaluation.

One can volunteer themselves for this. Those who do not volunteer are normally requested to involve themselves perhaps because their skill is good. Others are normally chosen because their method of teaching is preferred and also considered somewhat superior to others. Students who are normally under them have registered good grades in different academic years.

When doing this, it is important to work with a small group. This refers to at least five teachers. The lead teacher is not included in this count. The institution normally plans for a particular day that this will take place. This information should be communicated to the students. They can also be told the purpose for teachers to pick beneficial skills from each other.

When observing teachers come in, they ought to knock at the door then slowly walk towards the back of the classroom. They should position themselves at a place that does not disrupt flow of instructions. They are expected to observe as well as take notes of the use of particular instructional strategies of a teacher. Teachers can choose to take note of strategies that are of particular attention to them.

There could be specific problem areas that an institution may work on. A lot of focus can be put in these areas. This observation activity will note take the whole day. It can involve a short period of less than half an hour. One is not allowed to give points to their partners in a manner which you could be grading them. They will eventually orderly move out when their time is up.

There is debriefing which is done at the end of the day. Here, teachers commune and give their point of view of certain aspects. This is a free forum in which someone can say what they think. What is discussed however, should not be discussed elsewhere. Do not act all-knowing and try to give corrective suggestions because no one expects this of you.

This observation is an opportunity for the teaching staff to interact with each other in their area of expertise. Teachers are able to gain much information. They are able to observe firsthand the skills of a certain teacher that enable him or her to produce good results. They can also look at how the teach and change whatever is necessary for the benefit of their students. Knowledge is power, hence all the above is directed to ensure that the offered education is effective.

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