Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How A Kent WA Chiropractic Office Helps Auto Accident Injury Sufferers With Pain

By Clayton Maske

A driver or passenger in a car may be involved in an automobile accident. It can result in an injury that causes significant pain. Pain can result in the inability to work. Help is available at Kent Chiropractic for individuals living in the area.

Step one towards pain reduction is calling to make an appointment. During your first office visit your injury will be thoroughly evaluated. A discussion and physical exam will help to clarify the source of pain.

The area of concern is examined and the place where the pain originates is identified. Range-of-motion, the way you walk and your reflexes are usually tested. In many cases an x-ray will help to make a thorough assessment.

One major facet of care is the manual adjustment. When appropriate, the chiropractor will set up a schedule for office appointments to perform these gentle adjustments. A mild exercise routine may be added to use at home between appointments.

The spine extends from the base of the skull down to the lower back. If the seven vertebrae located in the neck are harmed it is often due to whiplash. This injury is caused by the rapid jerking motion forward and backward that occurs in a rear-end collision.

The individual who suffers a rear-end collision in a car crash is often afflicted with whiplash. This results in injury to the neck and it may become impossible to turn the head from side to side. The injury may be severe even when the car is traveling at a slow speed.

Manual adjustments are most often the method of care used to relieve pain caused by a whiplash injury. Only a brief period of inactivity is advisable. A cervical collar may be worn for a short time to stabilize the head.

Your chiropractor will give advice on how long to rest and whether or not to exercise. Office visits will be devoted to manual adjustments to alleviate the hurt. The ultimate goal is usually a return to the workplace as well as recreational activities you once enjoyed.

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