Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Choose The Right Bariatric Surgeons NJ

By Kristen Baird

Choosing the right weight loss surgeon might seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Asking the right questions and knowing what constitutes the right surgeon can make the task a lot easier. This means that you need to conduct a research on a number of prospective service providers. When searching for suitable bariatric surgeons NJ residents should observe the following points.

If you do not have any names in mind, the first thing you need to do is locating potential surgeons in Ridgewood, NJ. This can be done using a number of approaches, including searching online and asking for referrals. If you know people who have undergone similar treatment successfully, ask them to provide referrals. Also, let them give reasons why they think that surgeon is suitable for the needs at hand.

You need someone who has gone through relevant training and qualified to provide these services. Board certification is hence very important. A board certified surgeon has completed a training program and met certain predefined standards. If he or she is a member of the American society for Metabolic and bariatric Surgery, this means that the surgeon has performed at least 25 bariatric surgeries as the primary surgeon.

One of the first things you need to check is the type of surgery the professional specializes in. There are many types of weight loss surgeries in the market today, including but not limited to gastric bypass and gastric banding. These procedures can be performed using either traditional laparotomy incisions or laparoscopically. The difference between these approaches is the size of incision made.

The level of experience of that service provider also needs to be checked. Consider asking how many similar surgical procedures he or she has performed, and how many have been performed at the current hospital. Experienced surgeons are more likely to produce excellent results as compared to armatures. Similarly, you need to ask if the surgery will be performed in a facility that has been rated as a center of excellence in Ridgewood, NJ.

Another important consideration is the cost of services. Weight loss surgery is costly, and the insurance system can be difficult to navigate. If the procedure is not covered by your medical insurance, consider asking what payment plans and options the facility provides. Remember that this treatment, for people older than 65 years, is only accepted in facilities that have been rated as centers of excellence.

The actual surgery is only but a part of the weight loss process. Follow up care is equally important. The facility you select should provide after surgery care such as support groups, physical therapy, exercise and nutrition counseling. The facility should have dietitians incorporated during this stage to manage your dietary regimen and reinforce better eating habits.

When searching for a weight loss surgeon, doing a research is very important. Ensure you settle for an experienced and reputable surgeon, who is determined to provide holistic treatment. Asking for recommendations will help you to locate service providers whose services have already been approved.

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