Saturday, January 31, 2015

What Instructional Rounds Are About

By Janine Hughes

School is being gone to by lots of students so that lots of things can be learned by them. After their graduations, their desired jobs can be landed. However, lots of things are still needed to be learned by them so that they could remain competitive in their respective industries.

Continuous education is being pursued by most professionals for this matter. Instructional rounds are being engaged by teachers where they could observe the effective teaching methods of good teachers. Several things should be known by these educators about the events.

The teachers should be doing it at least once in a semester or academic year. This way, they could be learning many things and applying them in the teaching strategies of their own. These individuals should be preparing for the event. They must be determining the objectives which they want to be reaching after the event. They should be setting the date on when they will be conducting the activity.

The educators should be voting on who will be the lead teacher. The lead teacher will be the one facilitating the event. He should be possessing many experiences and also has a proven ability of making his students successful. The lead teacher could be assigning the educator who will be the subject of the observation. An educator could also be volunteering himself. They must be designating a classroom that they will be using for the venture.

They must also be considering how many teachers will be joining the event. The lead teacher should be dividing them into groups of five or six members. This way, they could be focusing on a small group and thoroughly observing one another.

A teacher should be informing his students about the event. He should be telling them that several colleagues will be observing how he will be teaching them so they should be showing proper behavior. They must be cleaning the classroom and preparing extra seats at the back where the observers will be sitting. He should also be providing them with the date of the event.

During these events, the rooms should be entered quietly by the observers and quietly sit at the back. In this manner, the flows of these classes will not be disrupted. Everything that is interesting about their teaching methods should be taken note of. However, these things should not be discussed during these classes since the discussions can be performed in designated times. After these classes, the demonstrators and students should be thanked.

The observers and the demonstrators should regroup in certain places so that the discussions can be started. The discussions will be facilitated by the lead teachers. The things liked by them about the methods should be pointed out. Those where improvements are needed could also be pointed out. They need to ensure that these things will only be shared with the group members.

Afterwards, the observers must be checking on their learnings from this activity. They must see to it that they will be gathering many realizations from this event. They must also see to it that they will be applying the realizations to their various teaching techniques. This way, they could be helping their students in reaching their goals.

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