Friday, January 23, 2015

Learn About How To Get The Best Sleep With A Chicago Sleep Medicine Center

By Andreas Paschar

If you are tossing and turning every night instead of sleeping, your quality of life and overall health are at risk. The human body needs enough rest to function properly throughout the day, and failing to get it can lead to a severe lack of energy, heart disease, depression or other health problems. If you need help falling or staying asleep, the professionals working at Chicago sleep centers can help.

Many people suffer with insomnia from time to time, but having trouble falling asleep on a nightly basis can be a real problem. The most common cause of insomnia is stress. When the time of crisis has past, the individual can usually resume normal sleeping patterns. For some people, insomnia can be a symptom of some other medical condition.

Certain medications are often effective for eliminating the symptoms involved with occasional insomnia. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a better option for individuals who have chronic insomnia. This type of therapy helps patients learn techniques for managing their own symptoms.

Apnea is another common disorder that causes pauses in the normal breathing pattern while sleeping. The pause can be just a few seconds or even minutes long depending on the individual. Many people with this condition find relief by using a CPAP machine, which maintains continuous airflow through the throat and allows for normal breathing.

Local facilities provide outpatient services for people who have trouble sleeping. Sometimes these centers are located inside hospitals or large medical clinics. Physicians working in these centers have special training, allowing them to identify various sleeping disorders.

Laboratories in these centers features rooms set up like ordinary bedrooms where patients can be monitored. These studies allow the physician to identify the specific disorder and provide recommendations for treating specific symptoms. Anyone who has trouble sleeping through the night can benefit by seeking help from a trained medical professional at a sleep center in Chicago.

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