Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tips That Can Help Towards Ebola Protection

By Enid Hinton

Ebola is a disease that spreads so much fear across the human race. This fear has become worse because there have been many reports of late. West Africa has become the home of this disease causing many people to avoid travelling to this region. Ebola protection tips are required by people who are scared for their lives and want to keep themselves safe.

This deadly disease is spread to humans from animals. Humans then transmit it to each other through the contact they have. Fluids from the body including blood can help spread this disease. These are specifically from someone who has already been diagnosed with this illness. Lucky enough this illness is not airborne. There is no current proof that sneezing or coughing can spread this.

One symptom you are most likely to note is a fever. A person will also notice some weakness around the muscle areas. They could also have a sore throat. These are among the first symptoms that point to this disease. The symptoms increase as time goes on. The serious symptoms include an impaired kidney and finally bleeding which cannot be explained.

You ought to take certain precautions in case of an outbreak. These means making sure that you are safe. You should first practice careful hygiene. This could involve washing your hands with soap and water. Avoid handling items that may have come into contact with the blood of infected person. Some of these items are normally the personal items of these people such as beddings.

You should also avoid funeral rituals that may need you to be in contact with the body of someone who was infected. Do not take in raw meat that is prepared from animals that can spread this illness. These may include meat from primates. Health workers are more at risk of getting this disease because they are super close to these people. They also handle these patients on a daily basis.

Health workers are expected to wear appropriate personal protective equipment. This is to prevent splashes or contact other infected materials. They should also wear face protection when in close contact with infected patients. Moreover they are expected to avoid direct and unprotected contact of bodies of people who have died from this disease.

Anyone who has observed these symptoms in themselves should not be worried. The first thing they should do is rush to the hospital so as to seek immediate care. They should try and not meet up and be around people. Moving around for example to other cities should not be considered. The more limited your movement is, the better for everyone.

In case you got cut or have an open wound, remember to cover it up. If you do not, you are putting yourself at risk. This is somehow good news. Some individuals who were once infected are doing pretty well. They are pretty healthy and are said to have immunity from this disease for over five years. Medics are working on this epidemic to ensure it does not keep spreading.

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