Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When To Know You Would Need Kidney Transplant

By Josephine Pennington

In the field of medicine, there are a lot of things and procedure that you can undergo to heal a condition. And because of the discovery of other equipment that can make the procedure succeed and be done in an efficient manner, the risks are also reduced. But it would always be better if you maintain your health so that you do not have to suffer.

One of the organ that has the most important function in your body are your kidneys. They act as filters for the blood to see to it that what goes through the system is clean blood. But there are certain situations that can lead to failure of this organ to do its purpose, so then there is a need for a kidney transplants to be done.

In bigger hospitals such as those located in Beverly Hills, California, this is a procedure that can be done since you can expect that they have complete facilities to perform the operation. It is a very risky procedure and before you can undergo this, you need to check first if the organ matches your tissues and the blood type that you have. It is also possible that the body will reject the organ and lead to other complications.

One of the ways that a patient can get an organ is through the organs of the dead person. But there is slimmer chance when it comes to this option. It needs to be checked if it matches the patient before it gets the go. And you need to wait. This is what pains some of the patients. There is still a long list that needs to be accommodated first.

For a better match, you can go for the live donors. There are two kidneys in the body. And the other one can be given to the another. Although it is usually family, the compatibility is not yet sure. There are still tests that needs to be administered. And there is also the one that needs to make sure every organ is well functioning and healthy.

One of the reasons why the kidneys cannot function anymore is because of diabetes. The job of this organ is to filter whatever harmful element that could enter the blood stream. And this would include the sugar. And the ironic thing is that it can also damage the filters of the kidneys.

Hypertension is one of the reasons why many people die every year. And it can also be the cause of the filters to fail in their function. This is especially true if the affected vessel is the one that is directly connected to the organ.

There are also times when the arteries are blocked with fats. And this can be the reason why your kidneys would fail also. This is why a lot of people are encouraged to eat healthy at all times.

There is also lupus. This is when the immune system attacks the different tissues in the body. In this case it attacks your kidneys. This is a malfunction of the system that can be deadly when it happens because it does not stop until the tissues are not damaged.

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