Sunday, October 27, 2013

Acne Is One Of The Most Common Skin Diseases Found In About 85% Of The People At One Time Or Another.

By Mady Shafman

That's not because there's no good acne treatments available, quite the opposite in fact, it's just that there's a few steps to take before deciding which are the best acne treatments for your acne.

When considered the best acne treatment one should keep in mind that the best acne treatment for one person may not be the best acne product for the other. This is because the skin type of one person differs from the other.

I know how it feels! I suffered for acne for a good fifteen years before I was able to find that elusive "best acne treatment" that would work for my skin permanently.

The best acne treatment could also range from the traditional herbal medicines to the modern medicines which are proved to offer better results. Some of the most popular acne treatments include: Cleaning one's skin daily with suitable glycerin soap and a soft brush is considered as a best acne treatment. Several people who tried this acne treatment have reported positively.

However, by this stage in my life I was willing to try everything and anything (I'd already been through all the popular acne treatments, the not-so popular acne treatments, even the harsh prescription acne treatments in my quest to find the best acne treatment for my skin). So, I reluctantly bought the book and read it. Not only did I read it, I also committed to following all the recommendations and guidelines contained in it.

And remember that acne isn't a condition that is cured by a simple application of an acne medication. Acne isn't cured, it's controlled, it's managed. Acne decides for itself when it is finished. Up to then you need to be active in managing it. Once you body says "enough" then it's over. So the best acne treatments are treatments which need to be continued as necessary. Don't expect to just apply a treatment and "hey presto" no more acne. Sorry, it's not that simple.

As expected I didn't have miraculously clear skin in three days; even after a week my skin hadn't improved that much (although even in that short time my skin was less irritated, and it looked as if I had fewer new pimples appearing). Overall it was probably a good month before I could clearly see that the treatment was proving to be effective.

And, one final suggestion, don't buy a suggested acne cure, apply it for a week and expect that your acne will be gone. It's not that easy. Apply the product for at least 2 or 3 months, or longer as recommended, before you make any judgements. Acne takes a long time to develop, and a long time to control. Even the best acne treatments on the market take quite a while to work. And remember to apply them exactly as recommended.

For some persons with acute acne, the popular acne treatments we discussed here may not yield best results. In such cases, it is better to consult your physician who can opt you the best treatment for acne.

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