Monday, October 21, 2013

You Don't Have Time To Exercise Because Of Your Busy Lifestyle?

By Howe Russ

In a recent survey, 87% of people in the UK reported that they feel like they don't have time to lose weight and can't fit regular exercise into their busy lifestyles. Today we are going to be looking at this and revealing the simple rules which will teach you how to lose weight without dedicating your entire life to the gym.

Building a better body is something which should be very important but, oddly, most of us can't bring ourselves to prioritize our own health over other aspects of our lives. For this reason alone, we're going to show you a set of simple rules which will help you achieve results with minimal change to your current routine.

You don't even need to go to the gym to start seeing results. If you talk to any professional bodybuilder or sports athlete they'll tell you that abs are carved in the kitchen, not the weights room, so the most important changes to be made are things you can do at home right now. The points below lay things out sensibly for you.

* You shouldn't buy into celebrity, quick fix diets. They don't work.

* If you aim to follow a lower carb intake in a bid to cut some weight you need to increase your protein intake to avoid burning muscle.

* You don't need to stop eating or skip meals. In fact, regular meals are recommended. It's more a case of learning how to use a simple calorie deficit. It's not as hard as people often like to make it out to be.

* Be sure to make the most of 'cheat' days.

* Protein makes a fantastic snack food.

As you can see in the list above, you can make a great start towards building the body of your dreams before you even take out a gym membership! But when it comes to exercise, once again we meet up with this odd false idea that it needs to become the main thing in your day...

You can get a fantastic workout in under fifteen minutes per day with no equipment. If you've been genuinely looking for a way to shed some unwanted pounds you'll be delighted to hear that, but if you are one of the many who is using lack of time as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility you now find yourself in a situation where it's impossible. There are many people like this and we want to ensue you are not one of them, because results cannot be achieved without your efforts.

The key to fat loss is keeping your heart rate elevated. Short bursts of intensity followed by moderate recovery periods work fantastically well at doing this for you. Any situation and environment can be used as a makeshift gym. If you have a floor, you can do a workout. If you have a chair, you can do a workout!

Most people underestimate the effectiveness of performing true strength exercises like push ups, lunges and squats. We seem to believe wed be better off sat comfortably in some shiny machine when the opposite is true. Go back to basics, you'll be shocked at the results you achieve from basic body weight circuits performed in ten-to-twenty minute sessions each day.

If you've been trying to figure out how to lose weight and getting nowhere, or telling yourself I don't have time to lose weight because of my lifestyle you now know the truth. There is nothing stopping you from accomplishing your goals. The ball sits in your court now, use it.

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