Thursday, October 31, 2013

Long Island Orthopedic Surgeon Provides Open MRI Options To Patients

By Javier Luque

For an individual who is claustrophobic, undergoing a test using a traditional MRI that is like a tube, is a traumatic experience. A Long Island orthopedic surgeon can understand the fear this magnetic resonance testing may cause. For that reason, an open MRI is offered as an option.

Medical imaging done by an MRI can clearly examine internal organs, skeletal structure and soft tissue. Historically, this much information would have required exploratory surgery. Now the inside of a human body can be examined through the use of nuclear magnetic resonance. The cause of pain or discomfort can be identified by using this scan.

The contrast between soft tissues are shown more clearly than when a computed tomography or an x-ray is used. Now that the open MRI is available the doctor can see images of an individuals heart, brain and other internal structures. They are shown more clearly than those obtained with computed tomography or an x-ray.

The open MRI has no tube. It is completely open on one side as well as both ends. The patient lies flat and glides from one end to the other. There is one closed side and the top part that is over the bed. But, there is no enclosed space and anyone can remain completely comfortable.

With any MRI, there are some caveats. The cochlear implants surgically implanted to allow the deaf to hear are incompatible. Anyone who has an implanted cardiac pacemaker cannot be subjected to an MRI because it could prove to be fatal.

Sports injuries are a major focus of the Long Island orthopedic surgeon. Providing the option of an open MRI for the players makes the evaluation of their broken bones and torn ligaments more comfortable. It can be helpful in planning a surgery. No radiation is used. While the scan is going on, a member of the patients family can stand next to the open MRI and make them feel at ease. It is one more way to treat those who are medically distressed feel at ease.

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