Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gresham Tension Headache Sufferers Find Relief With Chiropractic Care

By Ericka Mortellaro

Thanks to your Gresham chiropractor you may not have to suffer with chronic and painful headaches. Tension headaches are common these days and they can be a minor annoyance or debilitating. Here are some ways that modern chiropractic professionals are helping people find relief from pain.

Tension headaches may begin at the back of your head or may surround your head like a tight band. Once the pain starts throbbing you may turn to pain pills, but they provide only temporary relief. Stress can bring about tension headaches but there may more to it than stress.

The exact cause of tension headaches is not fully understood by medical science. Although stress may be a contributing factor, the cause for many types of head pain may lie within the structure of your spine. If the upper part of the spine is not in its natural alignment, it can place pressure on certain nerves. As a result, your head may throb with pain.

When muscles in your neck are tightened it can affect the shoulders and also the head. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the muscle tightness causes a misalignment or if the misalignment is responsible for tightened muscles. No matter what the reason, chiropractic adjustment can be very beneficial.

The chiropractic professional relies on the latest technology to see the human spine. X-rays and other tests may reveal misalignment problems that result in a lot of pain. Once the cause of pain is determined, the right therapy can be utilized.

A highly trained Gresham chiropractor has many years of experience with problems like headaches. Your exam includes a consultation with a chiropractic professional that understands pain relief therapy. Care is carefully customized to provide maximum relief within the shortest amount of time. After just a few therapy sessions you could be feeling much better.

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