Thursday, October 17, 2013

Naples Mental Health Counselor Helps Parents And Teens Resolve Issues

By Megan Landry

Naples mental health counseling can be effective only when the client is willing to work with the therapist to explore the issues, consider new ideas relating to the issues and accept responsibility for her contribution to the existence of the issue. Often a problem that an individual cannot understand is perfectly clear to a trained therapist. The client should begin counseling with the understanding that change will be difficult.

The first meeting may be devoted to discussing the presenting problem and planning a course of action to resolve it. The counselor may have some suggestions as to reading material that will help the client understand the issue. The next one hour session will be more successful if she is able to get this head start.

This will benefit the client by arming her with new ideas. It will also facilitate the goal of resolving the mental health issue. Concerns may be addressed one at a time. Then each one can be evaluated and be dealt with.

The professional counselor is trained and prepared to deal with a variety of issues. All mental health issues can affect children and senior citizens alike. Some may have always had problems. Others may develop them when they get married, become parents and as they grow older. All family members are of different generations and it can be difficult for them to understand each others point of view.

The family is supposed to be the center of your life, with those who care about you standing by to support you. Unfortunately, that is not always true. The idealized family groups shown on television or in movies do not portray the real family. Yours may be distant or explosive at times.

Parent and child can enjoy a great and harmonious relationship until teen age angst enters the picture. A daughter wants to date before her time or wear clothes that do not adequately clothe her. The son may give up homework in favor of video games and his grades may suffer. Parents are naturally upset and teens naturally rebel against rules.

A trained counselor, if she can keep them all in the same room long enough, can make them understand why those parents are angry and why they are justifiably so. The fact is that the young persons mind does not develop the ability to reason in an adult way till well into his or her twenties. This means innovative ways of reaching him must be devised in order to facilitate change.

A professional counselor will remain detached enough to evaluate each situation objectively. She can interact pleasantly with both child and parent. When she understand each ones point of view, she can figure out ways to bring them together.

A parent who has succeeded in forming a good relationship until the teen years intervened, will have a reasonable chance to once again connect with that child. Each party will have to make some concessions, usually with the parent conceding the most. The counselor can make each realize the benefits of doing so.

But, all parties concerned must respond favorably to the Naples mental health expert as she works with them to facilitate understanding. Open communication, love and caring about each other should make resolution of any issue possible. A peaceful home environment will once again be a reality instead of a memory.

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