Sunday, October 27, 2013

Affordable Atwood KS Back Stretcher Helps Eliminate Low Back Pain

By Katy Parfait

The human spine is a complex structure of bones and connective tissue supported by muscles. In addition to providing flexibility to the body, it protects the spinal cord. When one experiences problems with the spine, nerves often become pinched and compressed, resulting in pain. The Atwood KS back stretcher is a simple device sufferers of this type of pain use at home.

The spinal column is under stress on a continuing basis. Much of the stress is positive. Moving one's spine compresses and relaxes discs to force nutrients into the disc and eliminate waste. The fluid results in hydration to keep the disc flexible. However, repetitive stress can cause injury. In addition, remaining in the same position for an extended time, results in a lack of fluid movement and dehydration of discs.

Dehydrated discs are more likely to be injured. Their outer layer sometimes splits to cause a herniated disc. The outer layer allows the inner layer to leak to the outside. It can press on nerves and result in pain.

Stretching the spine gently helps to ensure discs retain their normal shape. The stretch draws fluids and nutrients into the disc needed for health. Hydrated discs provide the support the body needs and are less likely to suffer herniation.

This stretching device attaches to the user's feet and fits under the armpits. To stretch, the users pulls the handles. Users remain in control of the therapy provided with the discs and are able to stop the pull at any time. Padded contact points ensure greatest comfort for users.

Many individuals who experience lumbar pain find help with the Atwood KS back stretcher. The non-invasive stretching of the spinal column allows the vertebrae to heal naturally. As discs return to their normal shape, pain is eliminated. Individuals experience a more normal type of lifestyle.

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