Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Richardson Compounding Pharmacist Takes The Guessing Out Of Your Medication

By Mary Badder

Because people differ, there is always a need to be able to customize items for the individual. Medications are no different, and designer pharmacies offer a useful extension to the power of modern medicine. Having your prescription drugs tailored by your nearby Richardson compounding pharmacist improves your chances of getting well sooner.

Getting the correct dose is one of the most important aspects to taking any medicine. Sometimes it might be necessary to resort to braking tablets to get a fractional dose, but this practice is potentially dangerous. A superior approach is to have your medication made in the right strength so that mistakes are less likely to occur.

Your medication can be compounded in any form which you might prefer. Children usually prefer a syrup to tablets, because they are easier to swallow. Pets are often reluctant to swallow medicines, but disguising them as a tasty snack can increase their appeal and make them much easier to administer.

Many people might prefer a suppository, or alternatively a transdermal gel, which is absorbed through the skin. These forms are particularly useful in cases where patients have difficult swallowing, or react to the oral medication. A coating can be provided to extend the period over which a drug is released.

Hormone replacement therapy is more effective if the levels of the different hormones can be modified. Monitoring allows a physician and druggist to arrive at a balance which suits the patient best. Standard doses may be less effective, as the levels of the hormones are unlikely to be optimal in every case.

Getting designer medications from your local Richardson compounding pharmacist is the only way to go if you are sensitive to certain drugs. They will be able to suggest alternatives or a form which can overcome the problem you may experience. You will soon be on your way to recovery.

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