Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Choose The Best Racing Horse Trainers

By Chasity Sheppard

Owning a racehorse can be a very expensive venture. Some get into it just for the sheer pleasure of having such a priced possession. You may own one, but not win a lot of races. However, if you are buying one so that you can get return on your investments, then you will need someone who can train it to be a winner. Consider the following points when hiring racing horse trainers.

Go for an individual who is genuine and honest. The professional must be responsible for your accounts for each month. In addition, he or she will also have to take care of track charges, transport, fees, veterinary products and any other payment. Therefore, you have to hire an expert who will faithfully handle all your money.

Visit the stables so that you can see the quality of work the individual offers. Check if they have a professional set up that has quality gear. Next, attend a race where one of the horses he trains races. If you do not like the service you see on the tracks, then you are probably going to end up disappointed.

Contact some owners of horses. Ask them a few questions regarding the relationship they have with the trainer. If you find that most of the investors are happy and would recommend the individuals they have, then you are off to a good start. If they have any issues, then try to get more information and make a decision based on enough information.

Assess their horsemanship abilities. This is because you need a professional who understands different horses. The individual should help you choose the right pet for racing and handle it with great care. In addition, the expert should know how to keep the animal fit so that it can increase the chances of winning in any race.

Check communication qualities. A good trainer should be in a position to give reliable and constant feedback. This helps the owner stay calm and know how the horse is doing. Without efficiency in communication, you may realize you are making losses when it is already too late.

Check the skills the individual has. Apart for the daily care of the animals, one also needs to be knowledgeable on feeding requirements at different ages, grooming and preparation for exercise, and maintenance of the stalls. The individual should also be able to work together with veterinarians and blacksmiths in the upkeep of the racehorse.

Be sure to check the educational background of the individual. Go for trainers that have undergone racehorse courses that equip them in either Standardbred or Thoroughbred racing fields. This will ensure that the animal is well trained, while avoiding any unnecessary injuries.

Check how long the individual has been training racehorses. You do not want to put your money on someone who cannot guarantee you winnings. Check the track record as well to ensure that they have been winning.

When you have quality racing horse trainers, you will surely get your money back. However, you must be prepared for few losses at the start. Very rarely does a racehorse give returns in the first year.

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