Friday, October 11, 2013

Knowledgeable London Dental Professional Gives Easy Steps For Teeth Whitening

By Erik Heidrick

Many people wish that their teeth were whiter than they are. Factors such as genetics and age cannot be altered. However, there are various actions that people may take to whiten their teeth. Certain techniques can be implemented in a dental office. A knowledgeable London UK cosmetic dentist might also provide an array of safe, effective whitening tips.

Eliminating certain habits could be the first step that a dentist recommends. One of the most common causes of discoloration is smoking. Teeth may become yellow, and even brown and black in some cases, due to exposure to nicotine. Quitting smoking is a good way to improve overall health, while also achieving a brighter smile.

Other habits can contribute to a yellowish appearance, too. Various beverages can stain teeth, including coffee and red wine. Tea can also have the same effect, and many people are not aware that even green tea may induce discoloration. Cola is another drink that can cause an unsightly yellowish surface. Limiting the use of beverages that cause discoloration can help to brighten teeth.

Stains may also be caused when a person eats certain foods. Foods that can discolor teeth include some spices, as well as beets, balsamic vinegar, and berries. Consuming these foods in moderation is probably wise, although people can still eat and enjoy them.

Scheduling regular dental cleanings is another way to avoid unnecessary discoloration. Having teeth cleaned at least once or twice a year is something that everyone should do. In some cases, more cleanings may be recommended. Additionally, a cosmetic dentist might suggest more advanced whitening techniques. One example would be to employ a bleaching agent, by using either a fitted tray or a laser.

Attaining a beautiful, bright smile is possible. There are several effective things that an individual may do to make teeth appear whiter. Consulting a qualified London UK cosmetic dentist might be an optimal way to learn more about the issue.

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