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The Natural Thyroid Treatment Tampa Practitioners Offer May Be Advantageous To Patients

By Megan Landry

The thyroid gland controls the human metabolism. For this reason, any condition that affects this gland in a negative way may cause a person to have problems with his or her weight. The person may find that it is difficult to lose weight, or he or she may be underweight for no obvious reason. Issues of this type motivate numerous individuals to pursue the most appropriate natural thyroid treatment Tampa professionals can provide.

Those suffering from a disorder called hyperthyroidism frequently burn more calories than they consume. Although many people may consider this beneficial, particularly if they were overweight before, it is still a sign of a problem. Those who were at a normal weight prior to the hyperthyroidism often lose too much weight, which can be a hazard to their health.

Symptoms associated with an overactive thyroid gland vary considerably from one patient to the next. However, many individuals notice the aforementioned weight loss, as well as weakness in the muscles. Depending on the severity of the condition, a person may have bulging eyes as well.

Hypothyroidism is the opposite of the aforementioned disorder. When this gland is underactive, the metabolism slows, and the person may gain weight even though he or she is not overeating. Similar to the disorder mentioned above, hypothyroidism can result in general weakness as well. Additional symptoms of hypothyroidism include dry skin and thinning of the hair.

Many cases of such dysfunction are idiopathic. The latter is a term that refers to diseases and disorders for which there is no known cause. However, in certain cases, a lack of iodine, or more rarely, the presence of the tumor may cause such disorders. For this reason, medical evaluation is important if one has symptoms of either condition.

In numerous instances, medication can correct both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. However, surgery is necessary in rare cases, such as when a tumor is present, or if the gland is malfunctioning due to injury. It is possible to have one's thyroid gland removed, although this means that the individual will need to remain on certain medications for the rest of his or her life.

Certain patients pursue complementary therapies are holistic treatments to reduce the symptoms of such conditions. For instance, in preliminary studies regarding the stimulation of a sluggish thyroid, coconut oil has shown promising results. It may also help prevent the condition from occurring. It also assists one's metabolism to burn more fat. Interestingly, studies have proved that other commonly used oils, such as vegetable or soy, have the opposite effect, and may slow hormone production and encourage hypothyroidism. For this reason, those suffering from this disorder should avoid such oils.

Similarly, there are certain natural treatments for hyperthyroidism as well. These include herbs such as lemon balm oil, bugle weed and motherwort. It is also thought that following an organic diet may be helpful for individuals suffering from this disorder. When pursuing natural thyroid treatment Tampa residents should carefully choose a practitioner. In addition, it is never wise to discontinue any medications before speaking to one's family doctor. As always, it is important to talk to a licensed medical professional before participating in any holistic or complementary therapy.

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