Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Now You Can Learn How To Alleviate Carpel Tunnel Pain With A Long Island Orthopedic Surgeon

By Javier Luque

When you visit the office of a Long Island Orthopedic Surgeon, you may expect that surgery will be immediately suggested. It is ofter the last resort when non-invasive care does not help. First, the many things that lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome will be assessed.

The severity off your symptoms may demand surgery. However, other ways to alleviate the pain may be enough. The cause may be an activity that you can curtail to achieve improvement. In addition to repetitive movement such as typing, hormonal changes in pregnant women or a hereditary anatomical tendency toward narrow wrists may be at fault for development of the malady. A non-related medical condition might be another causative factor.

Symptoms you will recognize are numbness and tingling in the hand or pain that travels from the wrist up to the shoulder. The problem can start at any time and usually is slow to develop. The pain may be present day or night. Eventually it may become constant.

The doctor will test your hand by placing the wrist in a number of different positions to see when the pain occurs. Pressing on the median nerve and touching each finger lightly will gauge your reaction. Tapping along the wrist and the base of the thumb are also helpful tests. There are electrophysiological tests as well.

If the condition is mild enough and caught early enough, simple methods may be enough to alleviate the pain. It will help if you can limit repetitive motions such as typing on the computer. This is difficult if you earn a living on the computer. Getting a different job is not always possible.

Some methods used to improve the condition of carpal tunnel syndrome include wearing a brace during the night. This keeps the wrist in a secure position. A Long Island orthopedic surgeon might also recommend wearing a splint when participating in certain activities such as sports. Steroid injections can be effective to alleviate the pain, although the effects are not long-lasting. Regardless of being skilled at surgical intervention, the doctor may consider that solution only when other methods do not work.

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