Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Musto Riding Coat Offers Style And Comfort

By Marissa Velazquez

The Musto range of products was first developed by a British Olympic sailor. He was also an engineer and wanted to develop a product that was not only durable and comfortable but suitable for all weather conditions. The brand developed over the years and expanded into the equestrian field too. A Musto riding coat is just one of a range of equestrian products.

This brand of clothing is a favorite in equestrian circles and even members of the royal family such as Prince Harry have been seen wearing these garments. The company has a range of equestrian products designed in collaboration with Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Ann and an accomplished rider.

Modern fabrics have rendered the jackets of the past obsolete. The comfortable coats of today are constructed from a lightweight polyester outer shell and an inner liner which has a lovely soft feel. The fabric breathes by absorbing moisture from around the body and driving it chemically through the clothing, keeping wearers dry and warm. These breathable products have taped seams, making them completely waterproof.

The durability and quality of such a jacket means that any type of activity can be performed in style. Even when rain is pouring down, the drops of water simply run off of jacket. The wearer stays dry and does not suffer the discomfort of a garment sodden with absorbed water. The lighter weight of the fabrics used also means that mobility is improved.

The designs of coats have improved over time, becoming more stylish and comfortable. One example of such an improvement is the way sleeves are designed with articulation cut in for more freedom of movement. The length of coats is also carefully considered to prevent discomfort when mounted on the horse. Vents in the back of the coats allow for good positioning over saddles. Designs feature double-ended zippers in the front, often with an extra flap of fabric.

These products may be bought at various local stores and from online suppliers. Online sites have sizing guides to assist with choice of the correct size and most sizes from small to large are available. The fit of the garments can be altered in some ways. For example, an adjustable drawstring allows one to nip in the waist, creating a good shape and fit. Studs on outer cuffs are also able to be adjusted.

Different features have been added to increase warmth and protection. Well positioned fleecy pockets allow for hands to be warmed. Hoods are adjustable and can be removed. The range of colors offered has also grown and one can go for the more conservative black and navy or make a splash in red or orange.

A Musto riding coat is valued for its comfort, quality and stylish appearance. It is made of innovative fabrics that are waterproof, windproof and breathable. The problem of a leaking, heavy jacket is a thing of the past. An item like this is well worth the cost as it lasts for many years, makes one look good and offers comfort and freedom of movement at the same time.

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