Saturday, January 25, 2014

Different Types Of Rambo Rugs For Your Horse

By Marissa Velazquez

Many people who have horses use Rambo rugs to cover them. This type of wear protects the horse from the harsh hot and cold climate as well as flies which cause them to be unsettled. The covering comes in materials which are of varied qualities and different finishing ensuring your horse is protected.

The various designs and materials used can easily confuse you so there is need to know what you require them for. This will make your work easier and enable you to save time. Mentioned below are some of the various types of these coverings available in the market in many different variations, characteristics and functions.

During the cold season, a turn out covering is used because they are made from appropriate materials that help to keep the horse warm. The market offers the product in various weights, thickness and designs. They are supplied as light, medium and heavy weight depending on your suitability. It is good to know that the warmth provided is dictated by the weight and not the thickness of the product.

Neck coverings are used in the same way as the turnout type. They protect the head and neck of the horse from cold during winter season. They are available in standard neck shape or a combination of full and high size. This gives you a variation in versions for you to choose from.

If the neck covering are used alone, they can rub the neck of your horse, and this can cause injuries. To counter this problem, you need buy anti-rub vests and hoods. These are made of materials that enable them prevent rubbing as well as any other complication associated with that problem. They are also suitable for keeping your horse warm.

The other type is called cooler or fleece. These are used during the hot summer season to cool the body of the horse. Besides that role, they are used for wiping off the sweat from the horse skin after being involved in a hard workout. By using this rug, your horse dry faster without feeling chilled. These wears are available in different sizes and shapes and are very versatile. They can be used after exercise, when traveling, in hot seasons among other uses.

Exercise sheets are short blankets which are made of fleece and they cover a quarter of the horse. They are ideal for warmth and they help to keep the horse dry during the cold season exercise. They have waterproof and breathable outer layers which enable them to be used during this season. Stable coverings are used to keep the horse warm while in the stable. They are made from a lighter material because they are not intended to be used in harsh cold weather. They are generally soft and flexible to enable easy movement in the stable.

Summer wears are used to keep flies away after a bath or show. They are made from cotton material, which makes them sturdy and long lasting. They have different uses such as keeping horse warm during cold season, ideal when traveling among others. To choose the right wear among the many Rambo rugs available in the market today, you need to consider the climate, where you intend to use it and the purpose.

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