Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cognitive Operation & The Idea Of Cancer Awareness

By Rob Sutter

If you ask me, cancer awareness is the type of field that is more than worth looking into and there are many reasons for this. You have to take into account the litany of different measures that can be looked into, first and foremost. It's one of those fields that can be supported by just about anyone who supports this movement, whether they have been personally impacted or are advocates in general. What are some of the more unique research methods out there, you may wonder?

There was an article written on Medical Xpress that spoke about the idea of whole-brain radiotherapy. This is seen as one of the common methods in this field but to say that it is entirely helpful is something that I may not be able to support. The reason that I say this is because WBRT, at least in large doses, is something that could lead to a greater prevalence of cognitive declination in patients. Aren't there other methods that can be put to use with different components utilized, you may wonder?

Deborah Watkins-Burner, a professor at the Neil Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, was able to work with a team of researchers. This group addressed 508 eligible WBRT patients with this type of cancer but went about an entirely different method along with it. Each of them were given a placebo or Memantine within the first week of WBRT. Of course, there have been results to be cited but I didn't realize just how strong they would have proven themselves to be.

Authorities such as Voices against Brain Cancer may be interested to see the particular findings that have come to the surface. According to the report, better cognitive function was seen in patients and the delay in mentality is something that cannot be overstated. I believe that this is a great piece of news for anyone who is involved in the realm of cancer awareness. It seems like certain components are able to help tremendously in the broad field that research has been built up as over the course of time.

I believe that this is one of the most interesting fields of research out there since there are many new findings to take into account. Some of them are able to put more common methods to use than others. The ones that are put to use as of now are not the only ones that can be cited, as you can very well imagine. However, as long as these methods are ones that are discovered before being put to use in the long term, it's hard for me to argue against such information.

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