Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Analysis Of Different Aspects Of The Musto Fleece

By Marissa Velazquez

The garment industry has been running most economies for a number of decades. The Musto Fleece Company was established many years ago by a group of industrial experts. These experts were pant technicians who came together after they saw the need to drive the garment industry. The company started its operations in the Mid-West regions. This is where the first spinning and tanning industry was set up.

At the time of formation there were companies dealing with industrial production of heavy garments. So the entity took some time to cement its brand. The absence of stiff competition further propelled this company. It started off production of simple cloth and garments. The raw resources such as cotton, sisal and hides were sourced from the Mid-West plantations. This is where the first factory was set up since the materials could be cheaply transported to this factory.

A lot of fixed costs ha d to be incurred during the first few years of operations. In most regions around the farms, the transport means were very poor. Trucks had to be acquired to transport the raw materials from the farms to the factories. The production plants were operation on basic machines. A few production lines were acquired after some time. This means that the company had to operate for some time before recovering the initial expenses.

The simple garments produced at that time were sold to the local people around the company factories. As the demand for the Fleece produced increased over time, the company had to expend its ventures to supply the markets with what they needed. The production lines were added. More machines meant that more garments could be produced.

The firm soon started sourcing for funds to expand out of the Mid-West region. The expanding operations were headed by an ambitious manager who was in charge at that time. As there were few and established financial institutions by that time, getting a loan to the tune of millions of dollars was very hard. The financial help was done by the government partnering with a couple of other banks. Soon, a number of cotton and sisal spinning plants were set up across the East coast belt. These provided the raw materials needed for production of more garments.

As the time went by, more production plants were put up in different locations. The training institutions were put up around these plants. Other training facilities were constructed within the industries. The company saw the need to train its own workforce. The plant technicians and the product designers were entrusted with the role of training.

Over the last hundred years, the company has expanded rapidly to become one of key players within the garment industry. This grown can attributed to the great brand that the firm together with the team of worker has taken time to grow. The sales revenues have been increasing and as result made the company very successful.

The Musto Fleece garment firm also exports its products to the rest of the world. With the modern use of technology, the firm advertises its products online. Most of sales can be done through the internet. The costs incurred in making such sales are relatively low as compared to the use of the typical sales methods.

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