Saturday, January 18, 2014

Participating In Sickle Cell Charities For Children

By Marissa Velazquez

The aim of sickle cell charities for children is to offer support, care and advice to affected families and the patients. They welcome participation and donations in monetary terms and in kind from individuals, groups and corporate. Their activities rely on the logistical and financial support offered by well wishers. Success depends on the willingness and extent of support extended by donors and volunteers.

Blood donation has a huge impact on the health of patients. Some of them are on chronic transfusion mode and will require blood every three to four weeks. The aim is to get the closest match to their blood type. People who wish to engage in charity for the sake of the kids are requested to make their donation as many times as possible through the year. The blood will be designated for the kids.

Advocacy is another way for kind hearted persons to participate. It is not restricted on the number or the method of participation. There are local committees that raise funds in aid of patient services or to facilitate research. The funds raised are also used to educate the society on how to deal with affected patients in their midst.

There are camps that are organized once in a while for people under charity care. The organizers aim at ensuring that affected children have fun engagements in an environment that does not threaten their health. Volunteers for the camp are trained individuals who have a better understanding of the needs of these kids. They ensure that proper support is given when required and that the lives or health of the children is not threatened.

Cash donations play a significant part in facilitating the activities of any charitable organization. Donations are welcome from individuals and corporate regardless of the amount. Convenient donation channels include credit card and online transfers. The donor may also write a check in the name of the charity or deposit cash in their bank account. The money helps to clear medical bills, operation cost and handle the welfare of the sick.

There are other ways to contribute apart from giving money. Donations in kind take the form of medical equipment, transport services and vouchers as well as foodstuff and are regarded highly. Professionals can make their contribution by volunteering as physicians, psychologists, nurses and social workers. People with production facilities can commit to support printing of education or advocacy material and provision of other office supplies. Other forms of donation include sponsoring the children for holiday.

The charities run education funds to aid people who are disadvantaged by their health conditions. The funds aim at supporting their education pursuit and assisting affected persons who wish to further their education but have finances. Online donations are welcome from all over the world. They have a transparent system that accounts for all monies received.

Sickle cell charities for children have opened doors to contributions in monetary terms and in kind. The charitable contributions help the local and regional organizations to offer a decent and healthy life to the suffering patients. The support of willing volunteers makes the running smooth for all persons involved.

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