Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Jersey Nursing Schools And Other Career Ideas

By Marissa Velazquez

Are you stuck in a dead end job? If so, you are not alone. Many people begin working a job in retail or at a fast food restaurant simply to pay the bills, thinking it will be temporary. Then, several years later, they realize that they are stuck, lacking the skills and experience to move into a more lucrative career. If you are in this situation, take action to improve your life. Whether you choose to explore New Jersey nursing schools, teacher certification programs, or other career paths, get moving and start making the changes you need. Here are some careers you might consider.

Nursing: Nursing is an extremely popular choice for people who are seeking a stable career. Because people will always get sick and we will always have hospitals, nurses will always be in demand. It is a career that pays well and that helps people. The downside to nursing is the odd hours that nurses have to work, especially when they are starting out. However, it is worthwhile to stick it out.

Another position in the medical arena is that of home health aide. These people go into the homes of people who are elderly or disabled, and help take care of them. This job does not require as much schooling as nursing does, and it can also pay well if your clients are wealthy or generous. It can also be a good way to get some experience if you eventually intend to become a nurse.

Teachers will always be needed, too. This career will not make you rich, but it will ensure that you are secure and not poor. If you enjoy working with young people and passing on knowledge, teaching is incredibly rewarding. The pay also increases and you gain more seniority and experience, and most districts and schools provide health benefits and some kind of retirement plan.

If you want to be in the classroom immediately, without going through a teacher training program, you might consider substitute teaching. Substitutes must have a certain number of college credits, but do not have to be certified or have a complete degree. Another good thing about subbing is the flexibility; you can choose to accept or reject jobs on a daily basis.

Another position in the education field is that of paraprofessional. These people assist teachers in the classroom, and do not have to be certified as teachers. They often help to work one on one with students who have special needs.

In a similar manner, a paralegal is able to provide some of the services that a lawyer provides, but not the full spectrum. Paralegals have less schooling than the eight years required for lawyers, and they are not required to take the bar examination.

If you feel miserable and trapped, do not settle for your current situation. Today is the day to begin changing your future. You may have to do a lot of work to get to where you want to be, but you can start looking into training programs such as New Jersey nursing schools immediately. Good luck!

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