Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Should You Take Your Child For An Eye Exam

By Troy Morgan O.d.

Several moms and dads are uncertain when to start taking their kids to the eye doctor. The guidelines for eye treatment seem to be unclear or inaccessible.

It is recommended that before your child turns one he or she already has some sort of eye test. Of course, this is not a full eye exam but rather a short test to make sure your baby can focus on objects. Vision is very important for a baby's development so it is important to make sure they are seeing normally.

Your youngster's first real eye test must be between the ages of three and 5. It is a good idea to have them checked out before they start school otherwise they may have trouble learning and you will not know whether it is because of their vision or not.

You will want your youngster to be examined before they start school full-time to make certain they can see their letters and numbers. Or else, your kid might not be able to learn correctly and you will certainly not understand why.

A pediatric eye test is different compared to an adult eye test in a number of ways. To start with, because the majority of children this age do not have a strong understanding of letters, the eye physician will normally use images or pictures to test them.

A pediatric eye exam is different than an adult eye exam in a number of ways. Firstly, since most children this age do not have a firm grasp on letters, the eye doctor will usually use pictures. A common test is to look at the letter "E" and tell the eye doctor which way it is pointing. This can be done by the child using his or her hand so that they do not need to know right from left.

One more consideration with children is that they can be scared or timid around the optometrist. Parents are always present throughout the eye test and are often called upon to help the eye doctor get the answers he needs.

After the eye exam, your child may need to pick out a pair of glasses. The selection can be overwhelming for some children. It may be best to pick out three or four frames and let them decide from those.

Additionally, some children's frameworks have styles like Disney or cartoon characters. Sometimes children do not want to wear glasses so if you buy frames that have a character they like or admire they will become excited about wearing glasses

A pediatric eye examination is a milestone in your child's life. Prep them beforehand to ensure that everything goes effortlessly. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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